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Why rebedding and repointing a roof is so important

Many of my customers don't realise that the most important aspect in a tiled roof restoration, is rebedding and repointing the roof tiles. If only it was as simple as a quick pressure clean and a lick of paint – imagine how much easier my job would be!

But the reality is, there's a lot more to a roof restoration than meets the eye. Below I have explained the steps we take when restoring the integrity of a tiled roof.

Step 1 – Repointing the ridge capping
In most cases ridge capping can be just repointed by troweling over the existing mortar & filling any cracks.

Step 2 – Rebedding the ridge caps
If the existing mortar is loose & falling out the ridge capping needs rebedding which requires all the the ridge caps coming off.

Step 3 – Fresh mortar
The old mortar is then discarded & fresh bedding mortar is applied.

Step 4 – Repointing
Ridge caps are then repointed & colour matched to suit the roof tiles.

After these steps are complete, I often finish the job with a full re-spray of the roof in the colour selected by the owner.

And then, voila! She's as good as new and will last you another 7-10 years.

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