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Home maintenance tips to make your roof last longer

A question that is often asked once I've completed a job, is "How do I keep my roof looking as good as it does now?"

It's a good question, and one definitely one I am happy to answer. The truth is, it's not so much about the 'look', as paint can fade or become dirty over time and the only way to fix that is with a good pressure clean or re-painting by a professional. But there are several tips I offer every home owner to minimise their risk of running into roofing issues down the track.

Tip 1 – Clean your gutters
Don't be lazy! Leaves and debris should be cleaned out of gutters and valleys periodically. A blocked valley can cause major ceiling damage in heavy rain and storms.  Please exercise a LOT of caution while doing this (or call in a professional) as there are many risks including heights, ladders and electrical cables that can cause injury or even death.

Tip 2 – Ridge capping inspections
Ridge capping should be inspected every 7-10 years to ensure there are no cracks in the mortar potentially creating leaks.  If a crack isn't picked up early, it could cost you a lot more once the damage occurs.

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