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What do I do when my roof is leaking?

Picture this….it's raining cats and dogs outside, and hear a drip coming from another room in the house. You run in there to check the window hasn't been left ajar, only to find that the water is actually seeping through a crack in the ceiling. What do you do now?

The first step is to call a licensed roofing contractor to repair the leak so there is no further ceiling damage or any water leaking onto electrical wiring. (So if you have stumbled across this article while frantically trying to find assistance on the Gold Coast, feel free to call me now!)

My phone often gets a bit of a workout when the weather turns foul for a few days, from unlucky home owners in exactly this predicament. If you are in the same boat, don't panic, just give me a buzz.

If things are looking a bit more serious and the damage has left gaping holes in your roof, the SES can also help with providing tarps for severely affected areas.

Here's the link to SES Queensland.

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